Tom Thomson Lake - Algonquin Park

Algonquin - Tom Thompson Lake 2014 - pointing over the water at sunset.png

Canoe Lake is one of my favourite spots to launch for a trip. Yes it can be busy sometimes, but its the overall vibe that this place has that is so exciting. Everyone in the same place getting ready to do the same thing. Its also a great place because the Portage Store carries pretty much any last minute gear you may have forgotten to pack. The restaurant upstairs is the perfect spot for you to grab some well deserved food after a long trip.

This was a trip that I had done with some good friends of mine who for the most part have never been on an interior camping trip before. It takes a little creativity to be able to ensure everyone who does not have a dry pack, keeps their clothes dry while the rain comes down on you.

We launched from Canoe Lake paddling to the northern end of the lake, taking the 295m portage into Joe Lake. This portage is one that is very well maintained and is a flat trail around a man made dam. From Joe Lake we kept left paddling up into Teepee Lake, into Fawn Lake which spills into Little Doe Lake. From Little Doe Lake we got into Tom Thompson and took one of the first campsites available. 

This campsite had a huge rock ledge separating an upper and lower level of the site. Some of us were able to camp up top while others setup on the lower level. There were two fire pits, one of which was tucked right up against the rock ledge which seemed like a cool place in the beginning, but after hours of rain it proved to be difficult to keep a fire going while water was consistently pouring into the fire pit. 

We has some luck catching some small bass in Tom Thomson. While we really didn't fish for too long due to the pour weather we had, we still caught about 5 bass. The swimming off the campsite was great as you can see from the video below. There were spots to jump off rocks at the side of the site at water level and we also found some higher spots that were a little more like cliff jumping (just not very high). Tom Thomson Lake was fairly remote as we did not encounter too many other paddlers while on our trip. This was surprising seeing as we were right at the entrance to the lake where all paddlers had to pass by our site. I would highly recommend this trip for those who are new to interior camping as it is not an overly difficult trip!