Spider Bay - Massasauga Provincial Park

                I personally enjoy canoeing over boating for many different reasons, including the fact that you can escape the access of larger boats and gain access to more remote areas. I don’t own a motor boat but one of my good friends does, and this opens up the potential to do interior camping trips on larger bodies of water (much more enjoyable in a larger boat as opposed to a canoe). I felt this would be a good article for those who have access to a motor boat and maybe enjoy being able to go camping and fishing on a larger body of water. Video below!

               We launch our boat from the Parry Sound Government Docks and we have historically arrived pretty late in the evening which meant navigating through the islands in complete darkness. It is actually a really nice ride in if you have the right equipment. Matt (one of my good camping friends) owns a GPS and also has access to depth charts which we reference before leaving on our trip. The path is marked well with buoys and all of them are located on the GPS he has. We would be driving, not being able to see anything, and Matt would shout out, “There should be a green buoy on the left.” Seconds later there would be a green buoy on the left. “Red on the right” he would say just before passing a red buoy on the right. The drive in usually takes about 45 minutes with us being cautious through a few of the narrower sections of the trip. As you get deeper in the interiors of this park, you will begin to get to more remote areas but you will never be completely alone. There are many cottages throughout the many islands that exist off Georgian Bay.

                This trip overall is not nearly the most remote trip you will ever do, but it is a nice one. The campsite we stay at in Goose Neck Bay has a cottage at the mouth of the bay but there are not many others in this section. This is a great place to go for people who enjoy good fishing and swimming. Our campsite had rocks that we could off of with many other areas being similar in regards to swimming. A short boat ride out of the bay into the more open water of Spider Bay, we found some rock islands that had great bass and pike fishing off of them. I highly recommend this trip to those who have access to a boat!

                You can book your sites by phoning in, and you can pick up your campsite permits from Ostler Lake Provincial Park on your way in. Below I have included a map highlighting our route to Spider Bay with an "X" on our campsite at the mouth of Goose Neck Bay. I have also included a link to The Massasauga Provincial Parks website below.