Top 5 Trips of 2016

As we are midway through the season and many are still planning their trips for the year, we thought this would be a good opportunity to share our top 5 trips from 2016. 

5. Barron Canyon - Algonquin Park

  • The Barron Canyon was an incredible place to paddle with so much to see
  • Sights include waterfalls, natural rock waterslide (that you can actually slide down!), and many beautiful lakes

4.  Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands

  • Noah's first ever solo trip 
  • Solitude found close to the city (need to get into the interior as some of the outside lakes are more popular)
  • Great fishing on many of the lakes

3.  Nellie Lake Loop  – Killarney Provincial Park

  • Alex's first ever solo trip completed on his 25th birthday

  • The area is surrounded by mountains and the views are fantastic (you can hike to the peaks for the best views)

  • Fishing was great once in Murray Lake (many other lakes do not allow fishing in the area)

2.   Chiniguchi River Loop – Temagami

  • Paradise Lagoon is one of the nicest places I have ever seen

  • Trudging through boggy portages and sinking waste deep in mud proved to be rather fun

  • Another trip with great fishing (again there are lakes you cannot fish on)

1.   Steel River Loop

  • Longest, and most remote trip to date. This included the most difficult portage to date (Diablo Portage)

  • Whitewater along the Steel River system

  • By far the best fishing we have ever experienced. We actually had a competition who could catch the most fish in 5 minutes and the person that lost typically was the person who had only 1 cast that did not bring in a fish…