Outdoor Adventure Show

We figured it would make sense to do a little recap on the Outdoor Adventure Show, since it was just this past weekend and we had the pleasure of meeting so many great people. We look forward to the OAS every year. This is mainly because it seems to fall at the time when you are most looking forward to the summer, and it is the perfect time to start getting excited by checking out some new gear.

This year the show had enough to keep us entertained for a solid 2 days. The vendors, the products, the people at the show, and the speakers all made it a great experience for us. Lets take a look at each one of these areas.

The Vendors/Products

There is a very interesting selection of vendors that they bring to this event each year.  We tend to be most interested in the booths related to camping and the outdoors but it is pretty cool to see some other booths like dive shops, adventure guides, and Spartan races too. I have to say, even the VIA Rail booth came in handy for us this year!

KIHD Stove

KIHD Stove

There were really two booths that interested us most. The first was by a company called KIHD Products (pronounced “KID”), which had a few different products at the show including flints and chairs. The one we were most interested in was the KIHD stove, as we have been exploring “Stick Stoves” for some time now. It would be nice not to have to pack as much fuel on our longer trips by having a stove that uses biomass. And the bonus is that it is a Canadian made product!

The next booth that was of interest to us was the Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters and Eco lodge. We met Burt and Brenda who run this outfitter and they spent some time helping us determine a potential route for our big trip this summer. A few minutes into the conversation and we were pretty sold on what they, as well as what Wabakimi had to offer. We still haven’t settled on this trip but we are getting good vibes from this location for sure.

The People

Photo with  CamperChristina

Photo with CamperChristina

That’s right…this part includes all the wonderful people that we met while we were at the show. We started this Northern Scavenger blog about a year ago (2016) and wanted to share our stories to the outdoor community in hopes of being able to inspire but also to be able to learn from others. We have met so many amazing people (virtually), and we got to put some real faces to the online accounts we have made friends with and this was a real highlight for us.  Unfortunately I think we were so excited to be talking with these people that we only ended up getting photos with a few of them. Here is a picture with CamperChristina that she thankfully shared with us!

The Speakers

Photo with  The Happy Camper  himself (Kevin Callan)

Photo with The Happy Camper himself (Kevin Callan)

The speakers are the final area we wanted to cover, and was another reason this show was so great this year. We got to hear from some of the greats such as Hap Wilson, and Adam Shoalts who are truly legendary explorers and continue to inspire us on our expeditions. We also got to hear from some of our other favourites such as Kevin Callan, David Lee, and Brad and Wayne Jennings.

Adam Shoalts  - Writer, Explorer, and Public Speaker

Adam Shoalts - Writer, Explorer, and Public Speaker

It was great not only to get to hear them speak and tell stories from some of their trips, but also to take some time to meet and talk with them after. There are many things to be learned from these explorers and we take an interest in their vast experience.

To conclude without dragging on too much… this show continues to be an event we look forward to year after year.  This gathering of like-minded people hopefully has inspired you as much as it has us to get outside and dip your paddles into new water.