Sven Saw


Saw Specs:

Blade- 21” Swedish Carbon Steel
Frame- Aluminum
Compaction: 24" x 1 3/4" x 5/8"
Weight: 400 g (0.9 lbs)

Something that we always stress about in our blogs is the idea of efficient packing. We are constantly revamping our packing style in order to make our gear as lightweight and efficient as possible. One of these aspects that is essential to a proper camping trip is the right wood processing gear. There’s a debate on what to bring when it comes to a saw, axe or both…we’ll save that for another blog but out of everything I think the saw is one of most crucial tools when it comes to wood processing.

Over the years we found trust in our mini 10.00 pocket saws. They can cut through 4” pieces of wood and could maybe get you through a season before having to sharpen or replace them. The only appealing aspects of these were that they were cheap, overly lightweight and small.

This season we decided it was time for an upgrade to something a little more durable. We wanted a tool that could saw through larger pieces of wood, be less cumbersome, and still be light weight and compact enough to bring along on longer expeditions. What we ended up settling on was the 21” Sven Saw.  Over the season we’ve put this saw to the test and have summarized its attributes. 


The Sven Saw is made up of three main components that pack nicely into each other. The total set-up time takes less than a minute and requires one wing-nut to tighten the blade.

For being aluminum the unit holds up very well and there have been no times where I feel that the performance is compromised by the material. The triangular design also allows for powerful strokes as well as a sturdy frame.

Sawing is far less taxing than using the other foldable saw and only requires limited effort. The teeth in the blade have deep grooves which allow for deep cuts with every stroke. A 6” log can be cut in less than a minute. Over the course of the season the blades have remained sharp and I have not seen any decrease in performance.


The 24” length of the folded up saw can cause some packing issues. If you don’t consider your packing arrangement you may have some challenges with where to stash it. If the 21” is too long for your needs, there are also 15” blade options. With the smaller blade length, you will not be getting the same power that you would from the longer 21". So keep in mind what your objectives are with your saw before purchasing a specific length.

Blade replacements are something that will have to be done on occasion. As far as I'm aware, you cannot replace the Sven blades with another brand's blade. The Sven blades have a metal eyelet attached which is necessary for the blade to be fixed to the frame. That being said, I have not had any issues with these blades, though it would be nice knowing that I could change out the blades with another brand if I wanted to.

Overall Impression:

Overall this is very respectable option when considering a saw for the backcountry. The aluminum makes the unit lightweight, the frame is a simple triangular design which is very sturdy, and the blade’s carbon steel and teeth grooves allow for a powerful stroke. This has become a staple item on all our camping trips and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable saw.