GSI Java Drip & Java Press

What’s a camping trip without good coffee? Maybe it’s the sunrise you watch, the cliff you hike, or the fire you sit by with a coffee, but whatever it is, its likely one of your favourite parts to camping.

On the longer trips where weight plays an essential role, many people feel the need to go with an instant coffee, as it doesn’t require any additional equipment. I for one am not willing to give up a good morning coffee for the very little weight and size it takes up.

GSI Java Drip:

This was the first system we had purchased. Size is great for 2 people and the filter fits inside the container for compact storage. As it is a drip system it requires someone to constantly be sitting nearby to pour more water onto it which is why we looked for a new system. We try to be as efficient as possible in the morning so we can get on the water faster. Having someone required to sit next to the Java Drip means that they can't be packing up the tent or anything else until it is done. It also requires you to keep filters dry and rip free for the duration of the trip. Overall an effective system as long as you are not on a schedule

GSI Java Press

Very portable size and the system fits all together inside the container. Again great for 2 people to get a full cup of coffee and doesn’t require the need to have someone pour water on it bit by bit. Once water is boiled you just need one quick pour into the container and a press of the coffee beans before you pour. No filters required as the press has a built in filter. There were only a few times that we ended up getting a coffee ground in our coffee but the coffee that this makes is amazing. For those yet to explore the french press world of coffee, your missing out!