Dehydrated Meal Review - Backpackers Pantry & Alpine Aire

Dehydrated meals are something new that we have been tying for our trips this year. Noah had access to a dehydrator from a friend, and it was the best way for us to reduce our pack weight for our trip to the Steel River. We tried dehydrating things like chilli, beans, and shrimp and we were very happy with how they turned out. The picky eater may struggle with the texture of a dehydrated meal, but the overall taste is still very good. 

I recently decided to try my first solo trip, and I was trying very hard to reduce the amount of weight that I had to carry with me. As I didn't have time to prepare any dehydrated meals myself, I thought I would try out some of the pre-made dehydrated meals you can purchase from your local outdoors store. As I was buying two different meals I figured I might as well try one from two different companies called Backpackers Pantry and Alpine Aire. 

I was very happy with both of these meals that I sampled. I tried the Cashew Currie Rice with Chicken from Backpackers Pantry and Teriyaki Chicken from Alpine Aire. Both meals took a similar amount of time to rehydrate and were also both packed with flavour. Unfortunately I did not have any measuring cups on me and a nice thing that Alpine Aire provided was a fill line on the side of the packaging. The Backpackers Pantry I was forced to guess how much water to add. Once rehydrated they both had the typical dehydrated meal texture, but again, unless you are a picky eater I am sure you wont mind as the flavour was still great! Both companies are priced very similarly, with meals ranging from $8-$15. They both also have a wide variety of entrees and deserts to choose from so you don't have to bring the same meal with you on each trip.

I would highly recommend both of these companies if you are shopping for a dehydrated meal for your next trip. While you pay a bit of a premium to have it pre-made, it does save you time in preparation. Dehydrated meals are the way to go when you are trying to pack as light as possible.