About Northern Scavenger

Our Philosophy:

The best way to appreciate the raw beauty of our province is to immerse yourself in it.

Camping is an unparalleled physical journey that can connect us to the land in the most organic way, and can bring us to places unbothered by the modern world.

 “The canoe feels very much alive, alive with the life of the river”- Bill Mason.


The Conception:

The outdoors has been a core part of our upbringing and lies very close to our heart. Growing up in Ontario, a large part of our summers were spent heading up Highway 400 to the vast network of rivers and lakes. We would spend our time exploring provincial parks and staying at camp grounds. As the years went on, our camping style shifted from a car to a canoe. What started as once a year overnight trips have slowly evolved into a yearning to explore every nook and cranny of our beautiful province.

Northern Scavenger developed on this very premise. We are a community where campers of all levels can come to give or gain a little insight on anything backcountry related.  Ontario has infinite routes and trails that would take one a lifetime to explore. We are constantly looking for new routes and innovative ways to enhance our camping experience. With Northern Scavenger we hope to share our knowledge and experiences, but also gain the same from others. Having a community of like minded individuals can connect us to ideas and resources that would otherwise be unattainable.


The Name: Northern Scavenger

The North has always symbolized the lands raw essence, uninhabited by the modern world. Overlooked by the city dwellers, this signifying direction is a camper’s destination and a canoeist’s dreamscape. The vision to head north has always been our goal and is not so much the direction that is implied, but the sense of raw beauty that it symbolizes.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario we are not always able to conveniently get to the Northern part of our province. We are usually stuck to the confines of a 9-5 job that only allows us to make use of weekend trips and holiday time. This lack of convenience requires us to take advantage of what we have around us. We as Northern Scavengers take advantage of any chance we can to get out into the outdoors and explore our land. A scavenger reflects an opportunist, ready to take advantage of any prospect that comes their way.

The name Northern Scavenger is meant to convey this correlation. This lifestyle is something that is engraved into who we are and we will always strive to #FindOurNorth, whether it be in our own backyard, or a long excursion.  


The Original Scavengers


Alex Traynor                                                                 Noah Booth

Alex is a marketing professional that spends his working hours in an office downtown Toronto. While he enjoys living in a big city he tries to escape it as much as possible. Starting as most do camping with his family in Provincial Parks across Ontario, he developed a passion for the outdoors. It wasn’t long before that passion drove him to push himself to explore new unchartered territories and challenge himself to see as much of the Ontario Wilderness as possible. The fewer footprints an area has seen, the more desire he has to explore that area.

"There is so much beautiful land to explore here in Ontario and yet there are so many who haven’t seen much outside the city. I want to share the knowledge that I gather with others in hopes that they are inspired the same way I have been"                                            - Alex Traynor

Noah is a geologist who grew up going on camping and fishing trips with his parents. From an early age he was hooked on the outdoors and the older he gets the more passionate he is about spending as much time as possible exploring new territory. What he looks for on a camping trip is rugged and remote locations, whether it be portaging through grueling trails or driving to off-the-beaten-path routes. Each trip is a learning experience and he is constantly trying to hone his skills in all aspects.

“Pushing yourself in the wilderness is as primative as it gets. My camping philosophy is that the challenge is the reward. There is something special about working hard to be treated with a view that is seldom seen by society”  - Noah Booth